2008 Rules and Regulations

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2008 Rules and Regulations

Postby WorldBFat » September 17th, 2007, 10:12 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to another wholesome year of Death Pool! This post will serve as an FAQ for the Pool. Those of you who participated last year will find the rules to be basically unchanged from last year. However, there have been some minor enhancements, mostly additions, so take a look anyway. New players are definitely encouraged to check this out.

If you are reading this, it is likely that you have already been added to the mailing list. However, if you have joined Muddbutt with no knowledge of the Death Pool and are interested in joining, send me your email address in a private message and I will make sure you have all the necessary information.

This year, mother fuck it all, we are starting on January 1. The procedure will be as follows. We will have a submission form set up here on Muddbutt for you (we will put a link here when that's taken care of). You will register for a free Muddbutt account, and then you can access this form, as well as post here in the forums. You have the ability to add, subtract, and sort names on your form until they are locked by your Fearless Commissioner, probably on December 29 or 30 or thereabouts. The lists will be invisible to all until they are locked. We will review the names for celebrity and vitality, but the Magnificent Commissioner will be unable to do so until his list is finalized and locked for all editing. If there is an invalid name, you will have an opportunity to correct it until late on December 31, at which point the lists are finalized and made visible to all. We are not starting late, dammit.

Scoring remains unchanged from last year. Everyone will submit a ranked list of 20 famous names. Points will be awarded whenever a person on your list expires. In order to be scored, a death must both occur in 2008 and be confirmed in 2008. The highest point total at year's end wins. Point values per person will be awarded as follows:
Age is age in years at time of death. For persons of indeterminate age, such as athletes from the Congo, the oldest plausible claimed date of birth will be used for calculation purposes.
The multiplier is based upon list rank. Rank #1 on the list gets a multiplier of 2, rank #20 gets a multiplier of 1.05, and all ranks in between decrease linearly between the two extremes (subtract 1/20 for each drop in rank).

Common sense will go a long way in determining who is famous, so use some while making your list. A blue-ribbon fact finding panel will screen all names, and its decisions are final. If it considers any names non-famous, the submitter will be notified promptly and given an opportunity to choose a substitute name and a rank for that name. If no substitute is chosen, the name will simply be removed and all lower ranked names will be moved up to fill in the blank, resulting in a shorter list. We don't anticipate this happening, but just in case, here are some guidelines to consider (note that these are merely guidelines and are not meant to be completely determinative):
Actors with three credited roles, all being "Man #2," are out. B-list or character actors are probably in. Directors should have a handful of famous movies.
Session keyboardists for indie rock bands are out. Frontman types or lesser members of famous bands are probably in.
Most current athletes in major U.S. professional leagues are in, unless they are practice squad caliber. Retired athletes need to have been relatively successful.
Politicians need to have been prominent, or currently active at a high level. A guy who served one term in the House in the 1970s is out. Foreign leaders almost exclusively have to have been household names.
Authors and scientists and academics and businessmen should be field leaders or household names.
No persons condemned to die are allowed, regardless of whether their scheduled date is in 2007.
No famous plants or animals are allowed. The names must be names of humans.

If there are any changes to these rules (unlikely), we will inform you.

Feel free to submit any questions or comments in the forum.

Good luck!

Your Stalwart Commissioner,
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